About Jamesdar

Fun & Affordable

We believe styling your space should be fun and affordable. We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute urban furnishings that are fun and affordable. We are fortunate to be a Design House Vendor to several well known retailers. This working relationship has given us the confidence and resources to create better furniture at better value.
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Product Design
There is an intentional effort to justify the creation of each product. We do not believe in duplication. We aim to meet high levels of design, quality, and uniqueness. We like to make our furniture solutions multi-use and timeless.


Our Belief System
We believe Jamesdar and our lines are just names. What’s important is working together every day to give life to our products. The continuous projects, timelines, and successes create the stories.


Our Culture
We respect each other. We stay honest with our feelings. We work hard and have fun at the same time. We take time out for family and we treat each other as family.
Meet The Founder

Hi There!
I'm James.

My name is James and my last name is Dardashti. In 2017 I started Jamesdar (basically my first name and the first 3 letters of my last name). Even though Jamesdar is only 5 years old, I am not! I have been around. I have been in the furniture industry in one shape or another for 25 years. I have been developing products, creating product strategies, crafting marketing strategies, managing sales, running operations, maintaining vendor relations, and focusing on customers relations all along. AND I did not do it alone. Some of the most amazing people have mentored me along the way. Jamesdar has been very exciting for me even though it has been a tremendous amount of work and stress. It hasn’t been easy to start again but if I had to go back and do it again…I absolutely would!! Jamesdar has allowed me to grow as a person and find my true voice. I always had a creative side but it took a back seat to many other things and many other people. I am sure you know how that goes! I always had passion for fashion and products. Jamesdar has allowed me to play in what I am most passionate about at this stage of my life: Staying social, travelling (yes even during covid), learning about people, creating, shopping and growing. AND yes I do like furniture but I LOVE clothes, shoes and accessories. Today, I am blessed to have great people around me. People who have good instincts, people who have their pulse on what consumers are looking for and people who are masters at their craft. Most of all, I am blessed to have people around me that…..believe in me. My goal has always been the same…market products that people want, at the right value, and do it with some level of creativity. Give us a chance, whether you see our products in stores or online. Let us know what you think. Send us pics and tell us stories. Thank you for your trust! (p.s. I should have been a talk show host!) - James Dardashti